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Honest, selfless, attentive, patient & considerate are just a few words that describe Lauren & her passion for being a certified RDN.

I had seen over 6 Dr’s, countless ER trips for pain, SO many diets, lost jobs, couldn’t go out to dinner, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t be far from a restroom, had horrible breath & was on the verge of just giving up. After one last shot of extensive testing at a Naturopath Dr & a breath test, I was diagnosed with SIBO. I had been unknowingly suffering for about 6 years. It was ruining my life!!!

The light at the end of my tunnel was Lauren!! Lauren was highly recommended to me from a friend who had suffered from SIBO as well. Lauren gave me ALL the options to fix my intestines & allowed me to choose what is best for my lifestyle & budget. Thousands of miles away, she helped heal my body after 6 excruciating years. She would text me, email me, call me, & check on me. She genuinely cared about how I was feeling during my treatments. It is so hard to find anyone with her type of passion in the medical field. I went through intense treatments for naturally healing my body & she was with me every step of the way. 

In my personal journey I learned a few KEY things I hope others can benefit from:

1-Support from the family living with you & support from friends is very important. I had friends do 21 day challenges with me to help encourage me every day & my dad encouraged me every day at home that I could do it!

2-Mind over matter.  Instead of thinking to myself, this was the only food I could have, every day I told myself, this is the treatment that’s going to heal my body! Friends, family, & clients slowly started to learn it’s actually healing me. You could see my SIBO leaving my stomach!! Everyone would constantly ask how treatment was going and it mentally & physically helped push myself to do it every day.

3-Go to a Naturopath Doctor for your testing only to get diagnosed, BUT put your effort & spend all your time & money on Lauren. Her whole life is dedicated to healing your body through what you eat. Other doctors don’t spend their lives healing people the way Lauren does. 

4-Don’t worry about the money. Ask for help or donations, put it on a credit card, do whatever it takes. Your life is more important than how much your health will cost!

5-Take progress pictures! My SIBO in my intestines was so bad you could physically see the infection leave my body. The bloating in my stomach went down 3 inches!

I have my body & my life back! I feel normal again! There are not enough words in the English language to say THANK YOU LAUREN!!! She will be the only RDN through my future life journeys. I appreciate you, I thank you and I am humbly grateful for everything you have done for me!

Stephanie B
Seattle, WA

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

I came to Lauren to lose weight, and I left with healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Lauren taught me that restricting food isn’t the best way to go, and showed me meal preparation techniques that have helped me incorporate more plant-based foods. Lauren has a strong desire to find individualized ways to help her patients, and that is what makes her exceptional. She goes above and beyond, and that is exactly what I needed for my health.

Pilar M
Placerville, CA

Testimonials: Client Testimonial
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